Take My Heart...

The romance and magic of ballet. The virtual effect created by point-work and the impression of weightlessness and floating on stage. The visual creation of time, place and mood are all part of the transformation of this glorious spectacle charged with emotion. Mid century America became the innovator for moving ballet from being severely selective to a more embracing media with new energy and talent coming from Russian, landing in New York and emerging with a unique new passion and point of view.

Elise 1957 rare lavender Ballerina No. 1636 - dancing into a Valentine moment.

Madame Alexander found ballet and the ballerina a perfect subject to be interpreted by her doll company. Elise was truly unique with her flexible ankle joint and possible legs and arms. Ballet class became part of the American experience - even translated into fashion with it's demi longueur 3/4 length gowns. Tea length dresses are one of the lasting images of this period in our visual history. Ballet created new celebrities and theatrical experiences that would move into the new arena of television. Dance for us Elise... a silent grace and gentle expression makes for a romantic Valentine moment.