Desi Arnaz

Here Comes the Bride...

Brides are and have been one of the perennial favorites of the Alexander Doll Company. Mid century, these were among the most glamorous of their doll lines — perhaps giving Madame Alexander an opportunity to enjoy some fantasy in her fashion doll creations. This Elise Bride is from 1960, which was a fascinating transition for the Alexander as they turned the corner regarding their fashion doll philosophy.

While 21" Cissy was the companies cash-cow from 1955-1958, that large fashion doll trend started to lag in 1959. By 1960, Cissy was essentially a portrait doll in period costuming except for the Bride and Queen of that years line up. Elise often would mirror her bigger sister Cissy, and this is a nice example how they would sometimes be similar, but different. Elise, however, would continue in the line as a fashion doll for quite awhile and get a major transformation in the mid 1960s and go forward into the 1980s.

Princess Margaret was defiantly the bride of the year with her Westminster Abbey wedding May 6, 1960, to Antony Armstrong-Jones. On the other end, March 4, 1960, Lucille Ball filed for divorce from Desi Arnaz.

Elise 16 1/2" Bride No. 1735 mint in box from 1960 by Madame Alexander... Cissy of this year would also have a variation of this bride.

Heavy slipper satin, beaded lace, cathedral length bridal veil and a coronet of flowers - Elise reflects on her choices.

The 21" Cissy version of this doll - No. 2180 from 1960. Cissy, from 1960 through her final year in 1962, sometimes received false eyelashes over their factory eyelashes.

Princess Margaret had the wedding of the year in May of 1960.  Her wedding gown was designed by Royal Family favorite designer Norman Hartnell, who also designed her sister, Elizabeth’s wedding dress in 1947.