Charles James

Cissy - 2015 Pink Bride

The Alexander Pink Bride for 2015 is quite a vision. When it was designed in 2014, the Charles James exhibit was at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. It's quite grand doll, done in the style of the iconic 1955 "butterfly" gown of Charles James. Interestingly, the Charles James gown disassembled into parts and pieces so it could travel and/or be delivered to the lucky client purchasing it. The Pink Cissy Bride, like the original gowns by Charles James, achieves it's color by layers of different colored tulle.

Cissy in her stunning bridal gown by the Alexander Doll Company for 2015

An interpretation of the 1955 Charles James Butterfly Gown - layers of tinted tulle give the gown it's color.

Charles James 1955 Butterfly Gown - it disassembled into several pieces for the convenience of the client.

An ad by Lord & Taylor for Charles James Butterfly Gown