Littlest Ghosts of The Garden...

The story of three little ghosts that come together in the huge and abandoned gardens of the Palace of Versailles. The French Revolution is over and Napoleon is at war with Europe and Versailles has been left behind. The Littlest Ghosts must survive this hostile new environment populated by these lost souls of the Revolution. Working together to make a safer and better place, they hear ghost stories of a new and exotic place that is far away. New challenges and new adventures — the Littlest Ghosts set sail on the ship L'Armond to find their new home in a new country. Fireflies, vampires, a puppy and an unloved little doll are all part of their adventure and discovery together. 

The above video for the Littlest Ghosts of the Garden condenses the story into a four minute video-hopefully, to appeal to both adults and children in sharing the unfolding story and adventures of the Littlest Ghosts. A collaboration of design with the Alexander Doll Company created the dolls, and are available through attending one of the seventeen 2015 Madame Alexander Doll Club Fall Friendship Luncheons.

The Littlest Ghosts: the twins Aidan and Nadia with Nichole... together they build their own tiny garden in harsh and abandoned gardens of Versailles.

The Littlest Ghosts twins Aidan and Nadia are dressed in the period of 1805 storyline. These fashions are influenced by the early French Empire, the English Regency and the children's fashion often used by Kate Greenaway. While Kate Greenaway was writing circa 1880, she was highly influenced the English illustrator  John Hoppner  (1758-1810) who favored 1800-1810 children's fashion. Kate Greenaway's interpretation of this particular period through her own illustrations was so popular, Liberty of London Department Store created a line of actual children's clothing that became the rage for fashionable London children, helping to cement this retro time period in referencing Kate Greenaway.

The French merchant ship L'Armond, leaving the old world for the newtakes the Littlest Ghosts, Puppy, fireflies, Dollie and some vampires to their new destination.

On arrival to the ship L'Armond, the Littlest Ghosts realize they will be traveling with vampires. What to do now to stay safe - there's no turning back now that they are now banished from The Gardens!