Welcome 2016...

Cissy is continuing her journey this year with My Debutante 2016. The first My Debutante trunk and wardrobe set was created in 2014 for the Philadelphia MADC Convention - (dolledtion blog entry July 23, 2014). Deciding what to bring and how to wear it is sure to be an issue. Lots of editing and lots of opinions will be part of the process. She's very excited about the experience, and I must say, more than a little opinionated. She's asked to kick off the New Year with the first post on dolledition.com in one of the creations by the collections costume designer - the late Richard Bostard. So, taking a break from the notes she's given me... onward and forward and let's throw a little magic at this 2016 journey!

Cissy - from the  My Debutante 2016 wardrobe collection, celebrates 2016. This My Debutante gown is in silver lace and organdy, a white faux fur shoulder wrap and some major jewlery pieces. Cissy appears to be looking into the future and towards the new experiences of bringing it all together... stay tuned, this could get interesting! 

And here we go - off, off and away to the beginning of a new My Debutante for 2016. First things first... celebrating the New Year with dolledition.com!

In hommage to the 1960s, Cissy wears a glittering gown of silver lace that looks towards the metallic influences of the approaching space age, and appreciates the mid century American culture from where she emerged.