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As the journey continues, I've showcased the dolls of Madame Alexander, and the Alexander Doll Company here on dollediton. Cissy, the mid-twentieth century fashion doll extraordinaire, is a featured doll, but by no means exclusive,  with many dolls and characters created by Alexander to view. I feature mostly vintage dolls, but occasionally the present and antique dolls are showcased and examined. 

I've gradually evolved my collecting to include the articles I write, research, and the photography it takes to tell the story of these beautiful dolls which have transcended to an American art form... reflecting our rich cultural and economic history. "It takes a village," and a network of knowledgeable collectors has helped pave the way. This journey has taken me to new events, locations, and extend my technical experience (and frustrations) to new limits.

Bruce A. deArmond



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“Cissy” by Madame Alexander in blue coat and floral print. Modeling is a “Cissy” Basic doll from 1958.